Kids Deodorants

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Unlike other deodorants, we will tell you exactly what each ingredient means. See below for a brief description of our natural ingredients.

Glycerin: From vegetable oil. Used to retain skin’s moisture
Aqua: Water
Sodium Stearate: From steraic acid (from vegetable oil)
Ethylhexylglycerin: Derived from vegetable glycerin

Sodium Bicarbonate: Baking Soda

Crushed Silica: Derived from Silica Minerals

Polysorbate 20: Derived from Lauric Acid from coconut oil
Fragrance: Derived from essence oils

Caution: If irritation or rash occurs please discontinue use and consult a doctor. As with any substance certain people may have allergic reactions, even when all natural ingredients are being used.

Boys Sport Citrus DeodorantBoys Sport Citrus Deodorant  Boys Sport Unscented DeodorantBoys Sport Unscented Deodorant Girls Sport Cherry Blast DeodorantGirls Sport Cherry Blast Deodorant
Girls Unscented DeodorantGirls Sport Unscented Deodorant



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